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Woodworkers Shutters warrants our products are free of any defects in material or workmanship for the time and conditions stated below.

  • Aluminium Powder Coat (Colour, gloss and adhesion) 10 years and 5 years in Timber Grains.
  • Natural Wood.
    • Construction - i.e.: glued and mechanical jointing only 3 Years
    • Painted timber – Nil as it is a synthetic application over an organic surface and there is no control over humidity levels and other factors to ensure stability of two mediums.
  • Motorization- 1 year on all parts excluding batteries.
  • Hardware items - such as (but not limited to) Hinges, Slider and bi-fold gear, locks. The respective hardware manufacturers warranty applies (only).

For the purposes of this warranty "The Product" means the material used in the frames and shutter / louvre profiles, which may be aluminium, wood, glass or a composite. The performance criteria relates to that material. “Components” means the operating parts and internal fixings which make up the shutter panel. “Hardware” means the accessories and hardware items such as hinges, sliding and bi-fold gear, motors, batteries and other ancillary items secured to the panels but which are not manufactured by Woodworkers Shutters. We do not warranty any hardware item but pass on any warranty claim to the original manufacturer according to their terms. The Company accepts no responsibility as to the performance of stainless steel or plated steel items including but not limited to hardware items used in harsh environments including salt water, marine or coastal environments or areas affected by acid rain. It is the customers responsibility to maintain or coat such items prone to these conditions.


Woodworkers Shutters accepts no responsibility for installations carried out in part or whole by other than authorized direct Company employed personnel. This includes checking of the shutters fit for purpose, fit for location and completeness for installation.


The Products are guaranteed for performance and fit for purpose for which they were designed and for their intended use in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines. No warranty is offered for modified products or items not part of our standard and tested range.


Warranty, in particular paint finishing, is subject to the guidelines of the paint manufacturer's warranty as a "Back To Back Warranty". This means that the paint finish is to comply with AS 3715 and if proven not to have conformed then the manufacturer/applicator of the paint will be liable for the repair /repaint. This warranty expressly excludes any compensatory claim or consequential losses by the customer. The life expectancy of a finish will vary according to the environmental conditions that the item is subjected to and the quality of maintenance performed by the customer and it will also vary according to the material to which it is applied.


No returns will be accepted for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material. This warranty does not apply to conditions caused by normal wear and tear upon the product. The Woodworkers Company shall repair or replace, at our option, any warrantable defective Shutter product or part returned to us (we do not offer removal of Shutter product from site or location) and will properly pack and return the shipment at no cost to the customer. A product originally sold in an unfinished condition will be replaced in an unfinished condition.


Wood is a natural product, and may have characteristic differences in the grain, pattern variation in profile or stain effect. This is considered an enhancement to the beauty of natural wood and is not a material defect. Please do your own research as to the standards of conformity of natural woods.

Warp for any door shall not exceed 6 mm in the plane of the door over the length of the door to a maximum door size of 2100 mm.




Shutters must be inspected when they arrive (supply only) or in the case of Company installed shutters the customer must inspect the fitted shutters on the day of installation and notify any defect within 7 days of a new installation. If there is damage, you must notify the delivery company immediately in writing. You must file any claim as we do not do this for you. Check for damage by firstly inspecting the packaging for breakage. Open the packaging and check for dented wood, chipping of paint or broken, (bent in the case of Aluminium) or broken blades. Dab sticks and spray touch up paints are an accepted remedial solution according to Standards Australia.


Installation errors or damage are not covered if the work was not carried out by the Company installer.


Abuse or misuse of the product including repainting, reconfiguring or overloading the operating mechanisms will deem the warranty void.


Misuse of blade operation including manual interference will void warranty. If the blades appear to be extra stiff or not freely moveable  as they were on initial installation, do not force the blades. Refer to care and maintenance manual for correct operation and lubrication or general cleaning instructions.

Hinge sag, peculiarity or oversize shutter panels may be evident on some installations. This condition is to be expected in oversize and heavy panels. A drop of up to 5mm is deemed acceptable. A compensating riser plate can be fitted to the bottom edge of panel to soften the positioning and help level the panel in location.


Extreme atmospheric conditions such as heat, direct solar contact, moisture or extreme changes through these conditions may affect the shutters and the applied coating. Paint or lacquer cracking, peeling or colour staining attributed to these conditions voids the shutter warranties.


This warranty does not cover bow or nonalignment in the frame or jamb due to pre existing conditions in the joinery to which the shutters were installed.



  • Bow or nonalignment in the frame or jamb in which shutters are hung.
  • Defective, unstable or unsuitable structure of any kind within the opening or adjacent to the opening that prevents our products performance such as (but not limited to) poor render, failing mortar or misaligned architraves, out of plumb or out of square walls or reveals.
  • Hinge sag, gapping in opening if opening is not perfectly square.
  • Slight variations in gloss factor of custom paints compared to sample chips.
  • Damage caused by others or by any cause beyond the suppliers control, including (but not limited to) damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, mishandling, wind, storm, or other acts of nature. This warranty applies to shutters sold to the original purchaser and is non transferable.

Installation must be in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. The product cannot be modified. It is the purchaser's responsibility to maintain and clean the shutters. The product must be used only in the door or window for which it was purchased and the warranty applies only to the original purchaser i.e. it is not transferable.




We reserve the right to make changes or improvements to our products without incurring any obligation to similarly alter products previously purchased. Should you have a warranty claim, send the claim information including the original order number or receipt tracking number to


The Woodworkers Company

Customer service

1095 Ipswich Rd, Moorooka, QLD 4105



If a return authorization is agreed, the product must be packed properly for shipment.


We will not accept returns without prior agreement and cannot be responsible for packing, shipping cost or damage during return shipment. We shall not be responsible for any accidental or consequential damages.